NSPA Mum To Be Soothing Nipple Balm

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Ladies as you know we all get sore nipples from time to time. Weather this is due to hormonal imbalances, Menstruation, allergies, Pregnancy or Breast Feeding you will all come across this issue some time in your life.

With me its due to pregnancy and the sheer amount of hormonal changes im going through. They usually feel sore, Tender and itchy. Most of the time they are dry to the touch and cracked but iv come across a product that seems to help me extremely well!

In the early stages of pregnancy i tried every product that i knew to including some home brands which i will not mention but nothing seemed to sooth the irritation and pain i was having. Months went passed with the same issue until one day i came across NSPA Mum To Be Soothing Nipple Balm.

It claimed to relieve sore, Dry nipples and moisturise (Lanolin) and sooth (Rosehip Oil) them. At the time i was pretty sceptical of creams and balms but i thought id give it ago. Besides id been hearing pretty good things about this product.

So the day came. I received the balm in the post and that night applied it. For me it had a pretty much automatic healing sensation. I only used a very tiny amount which was less then a 5p piece. It  was more then enough to completely cover both nipples.

The balm has a thick consistency that has a faint smell to it so its not going to effect your breathing in anyway. It leaves your nipples feeling relieved and moisturised and seems to keep them that way until you reapply.

Whilst using this balm i haven't had any other sensitivity or dryness which is a relief as i was about to give up trying to find something that would help.

Another pro about this balm is that you do not have to remove it before breastfeeding.
Id certainly recommend this product without a doubt

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