NSPA Mum To Be Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil

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Stretch marks have always been a big thing for me. Battling with fast weight loss and then weight gain all the way through my school life took a major toll on my skin. Stretch marks started to appear and at the time i was so embarrassed. So body concious. Never knowing what to do. What others would think so i would keep it all to myself and suffer the pain. Every day i would look at my tummy and think what a mess it looked like. 

Months turned to years still thinking the same until i finally puck up the courage to ask someone what i do. I tried moisturiser, Balms. All the different products that claim to make stretch marks less visible but never did. 

Then i came across the NSPA range. Again i was sceptical as nothing seemed to help. Pregnancy took a whole new level to my tummy. Adding more stretch marks, Itching, Soreness, Redness. So i tried nourishing stretch mark oil. 

Applying it day and night and checking each day if there was any change, A week passed and nothing. Then i noticed it wasn't actually fading them but pretty much stopping them from happening. Slowly i began to see that the marks changed from a purple colour to white. Finally something was working. 

Was it the routine of applying it day and night or was it actually the product? Im not about to stop the routine to find out but none of the less its working.  
It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and has a great smell. Not too overpowering but a smell that lingers. 

The NSPA Mum to be range has now become my go to products and i will continue to use them throughout my pregnancy and more then likely after.  

Have you tried the NSPA range? If so what are your opinions on them? Would you recommend them?

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  1. Glad you like the product so much, will have to test this out when I decide to have a baby!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  2. I was never worried about stretch marks with my three (just as well since I had GD each time and therefore an enormous bump). The look of them didn't and doesn't bother me, but the itching drove me round the bend!


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