Losing the Baby Weight Before Summer

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Anyone with a new baby will know that slimming down and getting rid of the excess baby belly can
be a real pain. While for the first six weeks post-birth, new mums are recommended to sit back, relax,
and cram in as much sleep as possible, once those first six weeks are over, your body should be
ready to start exercising again so that you can look and feel great once more.

With the summer just around the corner, and the potential for a cheeky holiday, it’s understandable
that losing the baby weight and regaining what figure you have left is at the forefront of your mind.
The only problem is, baby weight isn’t always easy to shift – especially when you have to be a little
more careful about what you do because of the gradual healing process that your body is going

Be a little sensible in all areas of your health and you will be able to tone your post-baby bod up by
the time summer arrives. You may not be back to your pre-baby size, but you can get pretty close!
Pick up some affordable fitness gear from ASDA George and take a look at some of these great ways
in which you can tone yourself up a little before the sunshine comes out in full force.


Once the first few days after childbirth are over, light exercise is possible. Whether it’s a leisurely walk
to the shops, or a wander along the seafront for a little fresh air, if you take it easy, you can enjoy
some light exercise with your baby almost immediately. You have to be careful when it comes to
taking on more intense exercise, though. Your body’s been through a lot and the last thing you should
do is extend the healing process by doing more damage! It’s recommended that you wait at least 6
weeks before you head back to the gym, and even if you do restart your membership, tone it down a
notch or two – at least in the beginning while you build your strength back up.

Swimming is a great way to get fit without putting too much strain on your body, and George has
some fabulous swimming cozzies available which will hide the bulges. You’ll be back in your bikini in
no time!


There’s no point being a fitness fanatic if you aren’t being careful with your diet, and vice versa. A
healthy, balanced diet is essential if you’re hoping to regain your pre-baby shape, and fad diets aren’t
the way to go. Fresh food, including the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day, healthy
portions and plenty of water are far healthier for your body than anything else, so make sure your
fridge is full of yummy, and healthy, food.

Include plenty of fibre-rich food in your diet, and always try and make time for breakfast. Remember
that a newborn takes up a lot of energy, and you’ll need as much as you can get – without raiding the
biscuit tin!

Don’t worry if the weight doesn’t fall off as quickly as you might expect it to; it takes time, and your
first priority is going to be your lovely new baby. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel better about
yourself by the time summer arrives. Stick to a sensible diet and gentle exercise plan and you can
enjoy baby’s first summer as a confident yummy mummy.

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  1. I think diet was where I failed the most on after having my two boys, great tipsx

  2. Great tips, I'm thinking about starting Slimming World to try and lose weight. I don't have a goal weight, I will just see when I am happy! I also need the motivation to start exercising again!


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