Finally Finished The Cot Canopy!

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After three long weeks of Planning, Stitching, Cutting and assembling we have finally finished our baby girls cot canopy and i have to admit that its been the best DIY piece iv done. It looks amazing if i may say so myself!

Since my childhood days iv always loved the look of cot canopies. I used to get a sheet and drape it over my dolls cot and from then on my mind has always been set on making my own canopy for my own baby one day.

Finally the time has come and our little girl is on the way. 
First my partner started to make the structure of the canopy. He got a piece of wood from a DIY store and cut it to the length he needed. Got a few brackets to make it all sturdy and made a base for it and hey presto the structure was done.

I was really hoping to borrow my mums sewing machine but as it was going to be too difficult to find a replacement needle so i decided to do it all freehand! What a bad idea that was.
I spent 2 whole weeks sewing every single side of the pink material and making sure the stitches were pretty much the same size and the same spaces inbetween... Making sure they were tight and wouldn't come undone. It was a nightmare and my fingers were extremely sore but i have to say it was all worth it in the end. I then added a piece of lace material to the top and made sure it was the same length each side just to make it look better. 

It then took me another week to make the bows at each end which are made from some silky material with a padding insert inside. Again it took me some time to stitch it all perfectly and cut it all down to size and again make sure it was done properly. The heart, Star and moon was firstly drawn out by my partner and then i cut them out and sewed them to a piece of padding material and then again cut down to size and made perfect. 

Everything was then attatched to the structure and sewn securely to each other and Taddahhhh!! All done. 

Then i remembered that we had bought her some little fabric pictures and as she does not have her own bedroom i decided to use them to decorate the inside of the cot/Canopy to give it alittle more decoration and it will also give her something else to look at whist she is in her cot.

Then she has her little teddies. A set of Disney character plushies and her little dolly which are all suitable from birth. Iv left a print out of her scan pictures in her cot as i love to look at them every morning and night. Of course these will be taken out when she is born and framed then put on my bedside tables. 

She also has a cute mobile which is hanging from the foot of her cot which plays soothing music, Turns slowly and has lights. 

So there you have it everyone. My hard work paid off and im really amazed with how good it did turn out. I never thought that i would have been able to make something that looks so gorgeous but hey i shocked myself and did myself proud.

Im just hope our baby girl likes it now =D


  1. oh well done! You must be so proud and so excited. I looks great and the toys are so cute :) X

    1. Thank you so much =). Im just so glad it worked out so well and all in time for my little girl =D

  2. Oh wow, it looks adorable! I've always loved canopies too. I used to have one above my bed when I was younger, I begged my parents to get me one so I could be like a princess!

    Corinne x

    1. Aww bless you. Im considering doing a canopy for my own bed now. They just look so pretty.

      Hope your having a wonderful day x


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