Review: Scardoo... The Professional Haircare Brush

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Even thought i have cut my hair to half the length it was i still have problems with knots and tangles. How irritating is it when your out and about and your hair looks like it hasn't been brushed for weeks. The winds blowing strong and your hair is every where!! Fight off those scary looking hairdo's with Scaredoo!! The professional hair brush which claims to demolish those pesky knots and tangles!
They have 5 luscious eye catching colours to suit everyone's taste.

I have the Pretty Pink brush and also the Salon Black. My two most favourite colour ever. The lilac bristles with pink tips(Pretty Pink) and grey bristles with pink tips(Salon Black) go so well together. Scaredoo has a 2 sided insert which you can switch between. One side detangles which uses a 3-tier system which really helps to tease the tangles out and does not cause any damage to your hair and the other styles. Its easy to hold and fits snug in your hand and small enough to store away in your handbag whilst out and about.
The only problem i have with the Scaredoo is that it does not seem to want to go through my thick locks. Instead i have to separate my hair into four little sections before it even thinks ov getting to work on those horrid knots.

My Final Thoughts
All in all, I really do like scaredoo. Yes its a little on the high priced side, Retailing at £10.99 but when you think what this brush can do (Two in one) then it weighs it out.
They also donate £1 to Pink Ribbon Foundation for every Scaredoo which is bought. A charity which is really dear to my heart so this is a huge added bonus for me. So if you want a virtually pain free, 2-in-1, Fit in your bag, Stylish and hand size brush then Scaredoo is the brush for you!!

Would you purchase Scaredoo? If you already have one then what's your thoughts on it?

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