My 20 Week Scan Experience (Gender Reviled)

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Good Morning.

So as you all know if you have been following my pregnancy updates i went for my 20 week scan on 26th March.
We finally know the gender of our little bundle of joy!!

Sooooo we got there for 10am and my scan was at 10.30. It was one of those very awkward times where you feel everyone's looking and judging you. I look younger then my age so im guessing most people are looking at me thinking why am i having a baby soooo young. Im 24 for goodness sake! I should have wore heels haha.

When we were called in everything felt so new to me. Like id never been to a scan before. All i wanted to see was my little baby and see if they were growing well. Id look at the tv watching as they rolled around. Sucking their thumb and looking straight towards us just as they did in the first scan. Such a precious moment. I never wanted it to last! Then id look back at the Sonographer and i was so happy to see the Sonographer smiling all of the time.

So after all the measurements were taken she asked if we would like to know the sex. Straight away without a moments thought i said yes. She then turned to us both and said....... Your little baby girl looks like a very healthy little princess. I instantly bust into tears.

I always wanted a little girl from day one. Id got my hopes right up and then be told that we were actually having a baby girl was amazing!

I have to admit from the first time i saw them on the screen i was looking for the signs of what sex they would be. A few minutes after starting the scan i actually saw that it was a little girl but didnt want to say anything just incase i saw wrong but i was sooooo right!

We are just so over the moon and this is the time where the fun starts! Looking for girly clothes, Shoes and everything Pink for babies. We found a cute little red dress for Christmas as i couldnt resist.

Her nanny has already started getting little bits and bobs for her and her other nanny will start knitting little clothes for her aswell.

August couldn't come quicker. Shes going to be a spoilt little princess. Our little Sophie Louise <3

 Above Our Little Girl Sucking Her Thumb

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  1. Aw congrats on being pink, absolutely love the scan picture of the thumb sucking, it is so clear x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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