Pregnancy: First Night With A Cot In My Room

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Me and my partner went to buy a cot bed today from kiddicare. We ended up coming out with a mattress, Fitted waterproof sheets and some cute little wall hangers so we came away with more then we originally went in for(As Usual).
What a lovely time it was. Being able to go around the store looking for things for our little baby. Knowing that in 4 months our little princess or prince will be here relying on us to keep them safe and secure at all times.

Being 5 months pregnant im starting to make my little nest ready for baby to arrive. I know i have another 4 months to go but i think now is the right time to get the bigger things that we need as when i get further into my pregnancy im not going to be able to help put things together which will be a huge shame. I love helping with the DIY side of things. Its also a kind of bonding time with my partner.

Soooo now we have a fully assembled cot in our bedroom! It seems really weird that its in there but its nice to have it there to get used to it being in the room.
Tonight will be the first night with it in our room. I just cant believe that in 4ish months there will be a little human in there aswell! Our little bundle of joy and i really cant wait!

The cots not finished yet. I need to put the cot bumpers and bedding on and i want my partner to make a canopy rail and then when i know weather we are having a girl or a boy i will be getting suitable material and hand making a canopy for the back and drape it over the sides =D Its going to look amazing when its fully finished!

Whoo roll on my 20 week scan =) Thats when the fun really starts!!


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