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♥  How and when did you find out you were pregnant? I found out around 5 weeks into my pregnancy. I just felt.....Well not normal. Like i was different. Just dont know how to explain it. So i took the test and there it was! 2 Lines =)

♥  How did you feel? Scared! No petrified. I just stood and looked at the test over and over again thinking i was going mad

♥  How old were you? Im 24

♥  How did you tell your partner? He was on his PC and i just stood there and held up the test. He just looked and hugged me then we both bust into tears

♥  Did you wait three months to tell people? Why/why not? No. I couldn't even wait two weeks. I was just too excited and wanted people to know. 

♥  Is this your first? Yes

♥  Do you want more? Idearly i want two but lets just see how i feel when little squidgy is here =)

♥  Your biggest craving? Cinnamon Swirls

♥  What's the best part of being pregnant? Im only 19 weeks now and iv only just started to recognise the kicks and movement

♥  What's the worst part of being pregnant? Being told what to do and what not to do

♥  Will you find out the gender? What do you prefer? Im certainly going to find out the gender. Id really love to have a girl but either way ill love them all the same

♥  Do you have names picked out, and what are the stories behind them? We have had the names since the 2nd year we got together. There's not much of a story to be honest. We were just having a general chat one night while lying in bed and came up with Sophie Louise or Leo Michael

♥  What's your birth plan? I really dont have one just yet. Havent even been thinking about it

♥  Will you breastfeed? Yes if i can

♥  Do you plan to work or be a stay at home mom? Stay at home. I want to be there to watch my baby grow up and not leave them in someone elses care to bring them up.

♥  Will you make your own baby food? For sure! That way i know what's going into my babys food

♥  Do you have nursery ideas/themes? Not yet. Squidge is going to have to be in our room until we move as we only have 1 bedroom


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