18-19 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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How far along? 19+2

Maternity clothes: Still no new ones as of yet

Stretch marks? They seem to be disappearing slightly. Maybe the Palmer's Coco Butter for stretch marks iv been using?

Sleep: Very little. Seem to be waking up for the loo alot. Really restless and the slightest thing wakes me up

Best moment this week: Finally been feeling squidge kick

Miss anything? Not really

Movement: Little tiny kicks and small flutters. As im writing this im feeling some little kicks

Food cravings: Cheese and tomato sandwiches with pepper and vinegar. Weird i know!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Gender: Not long now and ill know. Bring on 25th

Labour signs: Braxton Hicks

Symptoms: Stretching pains, Headaches and backaches. Also very sleepy   

Belly button in or out? In but slowly coming out. I can finally feel the end of my belly button whoo

Overall Mood: Excited because the 25th is fastly approaching! Sometimes i feel really down and alone with no one to talk to but most of the times iv been fine

Looking forward to: Seeing my little squidgy again at my 2nd scan and finding out if its a boy or girl

Baby Buys: We bought 4 more baby grows. I really should stop buying clothes now =)


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