Review: BerryWhite Organic Drink

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BerryWhite Organic Drink Review

I have to admit i never heard of Berry White before the other day when i was trawling the web for delicious organic drinks that id actually like. Went through tons of sites then BOOM! There is was. A site that caught my eye.

The first thing i actually noticed was the word 'Organic'. Being 5 months pregnant i want to make sure that im not going to consume anything that may effect my unborn baby's health so when i saw 'Organic' together with 'No Added Sugar' i jumped at the chance to taste these drinks! And im so glad i did!
They also have No 'Fruit Extract', No Colourings, No Preservatives and No artificial Sweeteners which is a huge added bonus.

These drinks are fully packed with flavour and have been made with the finest organic produce. Its safe to say these are one of the most tastiest drinks iv ever had.

There are 4 different flavours in total. All thirst quenching and highly addictive.

 Pomegranate, Blueberry & white Tea

Cranberry, Guava & Elderberry With White Tea And Guarana

Lemon, Ginger  & Acai Berry With White tea & Yerba Mate

Goji Berry With Peaches, White Tea & Echinacea

Another huge pro about buying this drink is that with every drink bought, Berry White will make a small donation to which is an international charity that help disadvantaged children and adults around the world.

The only bad side to these drinks is that the bottles are made of glass and cant be given to children unless they are supervised. You know how pesky and clumsy some people can be. Dropping things and breaking things.
The way around this is to just pour the drink into a cup for your child but if your out and about then you cant so supervision is highly recommended.

I would seriously love to see some more flavours soon though. Maybe strawberry, Kiwi, Pineapple or even Grape! Its making my mouth water just thinking about it

I think its safe to say im not a true buyer of Berry White! Addicted Addicted Addicted!

Have you ever tried these drinks and what do you think of them?

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