No Makeup Selfie ★ #breastcancerawareness

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All over social networking sites im seeing pictures popping up of people taking pictures of themselves with no makeup on what so ever(Although you can tell some people have it on or have air brushed the picture).
Even the men have get themselves in to it doing the oposite... A full face of makeup!
These pictures are supposed to be bring awareness of breast cancer but im seeing them getting slated for posting these as they 'Dont Bring awareness'
I have a few views on this and would like to share them with you weather you think they are right or not.

So first of all to the people who are saying they DONT bring awareness. In my opinion this still helps people become aware of breast cancer in many ways. One way being the power of conversation and of thought.
When i see these pictures i automatically think about breast cancer and the importance of self checking. This happens in the thoughts of many other people and gets them speaking to other people about the importance of it. Hence the awareness!

Yes donating to the Breast Cancer charity helps funding the medical side(Research and curing) but without the power of conversation and making people aware of the matter most people would never think to self check or get to know their bodies and catch the early signs of cancer and get the help they need to overcome it.

So next time you see a girl or woman post a No Makeup selfie or a man posting a Makeup Selfie, Give that person a huge pat on the back. Atleast they are doing their part to bring the awareness to people around them.

What's your thoughts on this matter? Do the selfies bring awareness or are they a waste of time?


  1. I think it has been a great way to raise awareness, certainly got people talking on my timeline and donating and nwo the media have picked it up too x

    1. For sure. I just hate how people are getting so many horrible comments saying they are doing nothing at all for the cause when they really are. If only i had the confidence to do it myself haha!


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