19-21 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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How far along? 21+5

Maternity clothes: Had to get some new tops and also some new bra's. 

Stretch marks? Again they seem to be disappearing the bigger i get. I have noticed a few on my breasts though. 

Sleep: Since week 20 iv had pretty good sleep. Dont seem so restless now.

Best moment this week: Watching my tummy move as my little girl kicks!

Miss anything? Being able to dye my hair and drink energy drinks such as Mountain Dew!

Movement: Alot of little kicks. She even moves my tummy when she kicks now! Im trying capture it on video but everytime i try she seems to stop

Food cravings: Spicy food again! And iced ring doughnuts. Oh and red Mountain Dew

Anything making you queasy or sick? No

Gender: Little Girl. We found out on 26th March 2014 at my 20 week scan! Little Sophie Louise. My little princess and angel <3

Labour signs: None 

Symptoms: Small stretching pains   

Belly button in or out? Still in but slowly becoming an outie. I have a feeling its going to pop out before i hit 30 weeks. 

Overall Mood: Feeling quite happy to be honest. Alittle tired now and again with a bit of depression here and there but mostly happy!

Looking forward to: Going on holiday soon =). Just hope the weather is nice!

Baby Buys: The cutest little boots ever along with a faux ruby red fur coat! Also a cute little dress for Christmas.

Everythings getting so exciting now!! Around 18 weeks to go and my little Princess will be here in my arms =D

Have a great day everyone <3

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