Throwback Thursday

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Thinking back to last week. A peaceful afternoon stroll through Baggeridge Country Park. A quiet, scenic place full of spirit and nature.

How lovely it is to just stroll through with your loved ones. Spending time with them and getting some much needed exercise at the same time. Iv always liked to be out and about. I hate having to stay in so now and again i will just say to my partner 'Comeon its time for a good old walk'.

We normally take a little packed lunch with us just in case we get hungry. Squash, Crisps, Fruit and sometimes something sweet.

I was alittle annoyed that i couldn't play on the swings. I haven't been on a swing for a very long time so i wanted to cease the opportunity but noooo! I was greeted with a pool of mucky water only pigs would be proud of *Sigh*

Youve all heard the song One for sorrow, Two for joy? Well im actually 18 weeks pregnant and low and behold there were 4 magpies on the grass which crossed our path as we walked.
4 for a boy? We will find out in two weeks time!!

So there you have it! My throwback Thursday for this week.

What would your Throwback Thursday post be about?


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