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I haven't done a tag on my blog before so i thought it would be something alittle different being as thought i have writers block and havent a clue what else to write about. This tag has been going around YouTube for some time now so i thought id be totally different and do it on my blog.
Here goes!

 ♥ What are you wearing?..
Well today i decided to have a PJ day so im just wearing a set of PJs that i had at Christmas. Pink ofcourse and the bottoms have little bows on them. Then i have my fluffy socks on and my slippers. Keeping my feet real snug and warm

♥ Have you ever been in love?
Yes and i still am. Iv been with my Fiance Michael for a little under 9 years now. Hes been my rock through a lot of things and hes always there for me when i need him.
Now im currently 3 months pregnant. I cant wait to be a little family at last.

♥ Have you ever had a terrible break up?
I cant say i have. I haven't had many boyfriends in the past due to various reasons such as me being pretty shy when i was in school and also i just wanted to concentrate on my school and college work.
There's also the fact that i just didn't want to have a boyfriend at that time and most of my relationships never got serious enough to have a bad breakup with.

♥ How tall are you?
Im 5'4. Well alittle under that. Little shorty

♥ How much do you weigh?
I tend not to weigh myself as when i do i go into some really bad stage of not eating for a few days to a week and due to me being pregnant thats not a good thing to do right now.

♥ Do you have any tattoo's?
Yes. I have one on my lower back which i had done many years ago at the age of 16! Yes i know. Stupid thing to do and pretty darn illegal but the guy who did it for me was a family friend and i had full consent from my parents to do it. Well my mother anyway =D.

♥ OTP?
I have no clue what so ever what this means so ummmm pass.

♥ What is your favourite TV show?
Come Dine With Me. Just love to watch people cook and see what they come with. I do tend to try some of their recipes myself with success ofcourse.

♥ Who are your favorite bands/singers?..
Lady Gaga, Especially her new song 'Do What You Want With My Body'. Also Justin Timberlake, One Direction, One Republic. Oh i love so many bands.

♥ What is something you miss?
Not something but someone. I really miss my grandad so much. I think about him every day and talk to him. I know he can hear me and i wished he could take back. I would give anything to see him again. If its only for a few minutes.

♥ What is your favorite song?
I have tons of favorites. Right now im currently addicted to Gary Barlow-Let Me Go

♥ How old are you?..
Im 24. 25 in July. Woah im getting old

♥ Zodiac sign?
Leo. RAWR!

♥ Quality you look for in a partner?
Faithful. Is that a quality? Be able to make me laugh. Knows how to have fun and not too serious. I really hate people who are always serious.

♥ Favorite quote?
I dont really have one if im truly honest.

♥ Favorite actor or actress?
Jhonny Depp. Leonardo Di Caprio, Ben Afleck. Why are these all men!

♥ Favorite actor or actress?
Pink ofcourse and black.

♥ Loud music or quiet?
Always loud. Loud enough but not loud enough to make your ears bleed.

♥ Where do you go when your sad?
To my fiance or just sit on the sofa or lie in bed and cheer myself up by watching a few YouTube videos or vines.

♥ How long does it take you to shower?
Atleast half an hour. 

♥ How long does it take you to get ready?..
Again atleast half an hour. It really all depends on how long i have. 

♥ Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes, Alot. When i was younger i was forever getting into fights. Mostly because my friends were fighting and i would jump in to help them.

♥ Turn on?..
Eyes and smile. Sometimes the smell aswell. Obviously of a nice scent. 

♥ Turn off?..
Sweat YUCK. Yellow teeth YUCK and bad breath to name a few

♥ The reason you started blogging?
Since i could remember i have been streaming through blogs and one day back in 2007ish i decided to make my own. To express my thoughts, Feelings, opinions and just for something to do.

♥ Fears?..
Heights,  Little spiders(Not big ones like tarantulas) and my worst fear is people who are dressed up in fancy dress outfits. I don't mind it its just clothes but if i cant see their face i tend to shake all over, Go freezing cold, Light headed and freeze on the spot. They literally scare me to death. 

♥ The last thing that made you cry?
Listening to my baby's heartbeat for the very first time through the doppler. It was tears of joy but i turned into a blubbering wreck. 

♥ Last time you loved someone?
I always love someone. Weather it be my partner, Friends, Family etc

♥ Meaning behind your blog name?
I dont really have a meaning. Years back when i started using Bebo i went to a random name generator and the first thing it came up with was Kissable Beauty. I decided to take out the space, Add xox to each end and lust my name was born!!

♥ Last book you read?..
I dont tend to read books but thave them read to myself. I can vision whats going on more that way. Audio books are the best! The last one was Hunger Games(Book 1)

♥ The book your currently reading?
Im not currently reading one right now.

♥ The last show you watched?
Carrie. Woah that films scaryish but rocks.

♥ Last person you talked to?
My partner. 

♥ The relationship between you and the last person you texted?..
Hmm i havent a clue who i text last. I dont bother with my phone as my partner and me are always together and he takes his phone everywhere so there is no need for me to have one. One less thing for me to think about.

♥ Favourite food?

♥ Place you want to visit?
Anywhere hot where i can just chill on the beach all day and catch some rays.

♥ Last place you were?
In my computer room

♥ Do you have a crush?
I dont do crushes. 

♥ Last time you kissed someone?
My partner earlier today. 

♥ Last time you were insulted?
I cant really remember.  

♥ Favourite flavour of sweet?
Cherry for sure. I also like the taste of Parmer Violets 

♥ Do you play any instruments?
No but i used to play quite a few. Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet....The list is endless 

♥ Favourite piece of jewellery?
My christening bangle which iv had since i was about 1. It was given to me by my nan and grandad 23 years ago!!

♥ Last sport you played?..

♥ Last song you sang?
One Direction - Story Of My Life

♥ Favourite chat up line?..
Another thing i dont do other then crushes. 

♥ Have you ever used it?
Dont have one. 

♥ Last time you hung out with anyone?..
Hmm i don't really hang out as such. Im more a 'My Own Person' person if you know what i mean. So i guess it would have to be my partner =)

Phew i didn't think the tag was that long but once i started i just had to finish. Sooo! I have a numb bum from sitting in the same place for over an hour now. Time to go trawl through a few vines and then bed. 

Goodnight my lovelies xxx


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