My Baby's Heartbeat

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Hearing your unborn babies heartbeat for the very first time is one of the most reassuring sounds you will ever hear. 
Due to this being my first baby i have been extremely worried and at just 11 weeks i have a lot of worries going around in my mind. Being able to just grab my babypulse foetal doppler and find my baby gives me the piece of mind i need to take the stress away.

Admittedly it does take quite a lot of time and patience to find your baby at such an early stage in your pregnancy. The very first time i tried at 9 weeks i couldn't actually pick up the baby which was quite worrying but after watching a whole bunch of videos on Youtube and  listening to the various sounds that the doppler puck up on both myself and the women in the videos i was able to find my little baby. The feeling that ran through my whole body was overwhelming sending me into a blubbering child.  It was only for a little under a minute at first but as i practised i am now able to find my baby within a few minutes and im able to listen to them for up to an hour if baby is still.

My baby mostly seems to hide down the right side of my tummy. Low down just above the pelvic bone. A few times i have found them in the middle of my tummy and once just to the left side but She/He mainly seems to be in the right.
Since day 1 of getting my Big Fat Positive on my home pregnancy test i have been longing to feel the effects of pregnancy. I must be mad but i used to have dreams about being pregnant and the way it would feel. I think that once i have my first scan and i can see my little Squidge on the screen then it will all suddenly come flooding to me that im actually carrying a life inside of me. A little human being that will solely count on me and my finace to keep them safe and secure until they can fend for themselves.

Here is a quick recording of my babys heartbeat. Sounds just like a galloping horse =D



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