First Scan - An Amazing Experiance

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I cant explain the feelings that went through me this morning when i woke up knowing that id be seeing little Squidge today.
A feeling of over excitement like a child on Christmas morning filled with a feeling of dread and worry.
I literally wanted to shout from the rooftops.

Had to drink a pint of water an hour before and i tell you the car journey to the hospital was the longest ever. A full to bursting bladder and bumpy uneven roads do not match at all. Once we got to the hospital we spent a little over 30 minutes trying to find a car park space but opted to park down a side street and then i was greeted with a 15 minute walk to Anti Natal Clinic. Again not the greatest thing to have to do when all you can think about is running to the loo!

45 minutes late for the appointment (Due to trying to park) i get there. Talk to reception and she decides to go through the whole green pregnancy booklet making sure my information was up to date. Meanwhile still needing the loo. Ready to burst. Jumping up and down like a kangaroo!

Finally we get to sit down in a HUGE white waiting room. People staring at me like their going to eat me. Im thinking 'Why are all these people older then me' 15 minutes later im shouted from the other end of the room. I spring up nearly knocking the chair to the floor. Handbag falls on the floor so theres me dancing around trying to pick it up. Finally get to the room and she decides she wants to ask me a thousand questions. Right at the end 'I bet you have a full bladder. You must really need the loo.'
YES! Thanks missy! Thanks for reminding me. So kind of you! NOT! then follows up with 'Dont worry you will be called in shortly'.

Another 10 minutes later i get yelled again. YES finally get to see Squidgy. My emotions are running wild as i walk into the room. Lie on the bed and the woman tucks a piece of tissue towel into the top of my trousers. Tells me shes going to put gel onto my tummy and then presses down with a wand.
OH My GOODNESS!! Most uncomfortable thing ever when you really need to go.

Once i see little squidge on the monitor suddenly the urge to pee goes right out of my head and my eyes are fixed on the screen. My little baby, There. Peacefully sleeping.

Suddenly it turned, Faces right towards us for a few seconds. I can see its little face and then rolls over and puts its back towards us. Definitely doesn't get that from me =P

The woman rolls the wand around my tummy where baby is and She/He turns over. Hands go straight into the air. Feet kicking all over the place and starts to do somersaults then sits up. The most amazing experience iv ever had!

Felt alittle freaked out knowing the baby on the screen was actually inside of me.
Then knowing in 6 months i would be holding them in my arms nearly set me off into blubber mode.

It was seriously the bestest feeling in the world and now its suddenly become so real. I can now put a picture to the little heartbeat i hear through the doppler.

 Baby Squidge Due 9th August

Baby Squidge Due 9th August


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