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I was asked some time ago to do a post on the Emma's Diary packs and my feelings about them.
As iv been quite busy the past two weeks iv now finally got the time to myself to sit back, Relax and have a good blogging session.

So in the Mum To Be pack i received:
- A Whole Bunch of advert mail For Various Companies
-A sample pack of All-Bran Red Berry Crunch
-Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.

I also received a separate pack within the Mum To Be pack which was the Newborn essentials pack from Jhonson's Baby.

This pack had
- A Guide To The First 10 days (Lots of interesting information)
-Pack of Jhonson's Baby Extra sensitive Wipes
-50ml Jhonson's Baby Top-To-Toe Bath
-16.5g Jhonson's Baby nappy Cream
-100ml Jhonson's Baby oil

All in all this pack is quite useful for when baby arrives. The samples enable you to test the products before paying the full price for each. Most people i now have always swore by the Jhonson's Baby range and therefore i wont need to test out this product before purchasing them. 

These pack are completely free from the Emmas Diary website. CLICK HERE To Take You To the Website. You have request them. Have the voucher emailed to the email you have provided and print off the FULL email.
Take the voucher to your local Argos or Boots store in exchange for the packs.

Note: Argos do NOT supply the all the packs so you would have to go to boots for one.

What did you think of this pack? Would you recommend this to a friend or family member?
If you received something different in your pack then be sure to leave a list of what you got and what town you got the pack from in the comments section of this post so that other readers can see the different variety of products. 

Disclaimer: I received an email with the voucher for this pack. Therefore this pack was free of charge. This is no way shape or form alters my thoughts and feelings about this product(s).

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  1. I love the pack's you get from Emma's diary <3 But where can I get some more baby freebies I usually try http://www.fabfreesamples.co.uk/free-baby-stuff/ but they don't have much else to apply for.


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