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Matalan is by far in my opinion one of the cheapest places to get great clothes. Some of their stock can be quite expensive so when they have their sales i take it upon myself to abuse the sale and normally go over the top!

That wasn't the case this time as it was just a quick stop by as i had a lot to do that day but im surly going to be going back up this week to grab more bargains.

So here is what i got!

I'm totally in love with leggings. Since last year i have done nothing but wear them, Even in the Winter! In the snow! I just love them...

I have about 6 pairs now including the 2 i bought from Matalan and im hoping to get some more really soon.

I got 2 pairs of leggings as if you were a Matalan card holder you could get 2 pairs for £10 or normally they were £8 each so that was a saving of £3 on each pair. Bargain huh!!

You can never have too many bras and they can be really expensive so when i see a bargain i just have to grab a few! At £5 for 2 bras for card holders when they were £10 for none card holders this was a steal.

Although they were only plain they're great to wear underneath tops which may be skin tight or shirts which may be abit see through.

Its also really hard to get bras that actually fit me and feel comfortable with the low price to go with it. Normally when i find a bra i love there's never my size which gets me pretty annoyed as most places i shop don't stock bigger sizes.

These bras are pretty comfortable and although i would like just a little bit more support they do the job and keep everything safe and secure,

I just love the little bow in the middle. Im more inclined to go towards the bras with the bows as i feel they look better then just plain without the bows.
Im so tempted to go to the knitting store and find a cute little rose in both pink and red just to sew on the front of the bow just to make it extra cute!

These fasten at the back and have a butterfly design back. Its not actually called a butterfly design, This is just what i call it as it looks similar to a pair of butterfly wings =).

Apparently these bras have a 'New & Improved Fit' but in my opinion they dont feel any different to the ones i bought just a few months back.

 Im happy to see that they actually stock these in various larger sizes.

Just a heads up for everyone who feel they have to search all through the rail after their size... Pick up the first one in front of you and look on the back. You will see a chart like the one above. Find your size and if it doesn't have a dot or cross where the two sizes meet then they don't stock your size in that design =).

And thats it. A simple but sweet haul

Take Care xoxo


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