Haul: 50%off + Free Shipping MUA Sale

01:36 Kissable Kreations 2 Comments

Im really excited to show you what i got from the 50% MUA sale!!
50% off almost everything with Free Shipping! You cant get any better then that. I decided to take advantage of this sale as many others did and after all the fuss on Monday i decided to make my purchase on Tuesday when i could actually get on to the site without being booted off every second.

So all of the products you see in the picture came to £11 (£22 before the sale)

Some of these products iv never used before but as i have had them for a few days now i have used all of them and im more then happy to do a full review on each products if this is requested.

Did you order anything from the sale?

Oh and if anyone would like to see pictures of a review of the new MUA brushes then feel free to let me know.

Take Care xoxo


  1. Plz do review on concealers!

    1. I don't really use many different concealers but i will do a review on the ones i do have =). Take Care x


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