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After all the over the top craziness of last Monday with all the rude comments coming from both MUA and MUA customers my order came the other day and im so excited to show you what i got!!

I ordered on 21st and received the order on 29th so it took a little bit longer then they stated which was 5 working days but with all the fuss and orders they were getting i expected this. Luckily anything wasn't broken as the order wasn't that well packaged but because i was so excited to see the products i bought i tore everything open before i even thought of taking a picture! You know how it is!


 The Matte Perfection Foundation has to be by far one of the best foundations iv come across. I was pretty unsure about it at forst as it gives a light coverage and im more of a medium to full type of girl but over the last few days its pretty much grew on me.

My skins not perfect but it doesn't have many blemishes so using this foundation has pretty much changed my choice of foundation coverage.

Because i was unsure of which foundation i needed i got 2 Light and 2 Natural. Normally when i choose makeup which is in shade Light its normally way too light for me and then when i get a medium shade its normally too dark so i cant win either way. The Natural shade is pretty much my skin tone so im really happy that i got both of them and will be passing the Light shade to a friend of mine who is pretty pale.

Unlike other cheap brands this makeup stayed on for 3-4 hours without wearing off in parts but come between 6-7 hours the foundation started to wear off in parts such as my forhead and chin. Pretty much the parts of my face which get oily fast. I used the MUA pressed powder in shade 1 today and it seemed to stay on longer and still looks pretty good after 10 hours of wearing it si i would recommend a powder over the top just to set the foundation in place.

It has a creamy thick consistency so you only really need the tiniest bit. About the size of a 5 Pence coin.

(Top is Natural Bottom is Light)

(Top is Natural Bottom is Light)

As i have already got the Hide & Conceal stick with the original slick black packaging i thought id get one with the new white packaging. Im not entirely sure which packaging i prefer as both are equally eye catching.

I don't really get to many breakouts but in the last few days iv been eating quite a lot of junk food which isn't really good so right now i have a few breakouts. I use the cover up stick normally underneath my eyes as i have dark circles which are pretty light which most people don't even see but as im so over conscious i have to cover them up else i feel so bare. You know how it is!
I also use it on my forhead, Chin and underneath my nose where i have red patches.

This really helps cover up these problems and at £1(I paid 50p with the discount) it don't break the bank.
I got it in both light and natural as i wasn't sure which one would be the best but right now im using the light shade underneath my eyes as i feel it brightens up the eye area and the natural shade underneath my nose on my head and chin as it blends in with my foundation.
                                             (Left is Light, Right is Natural)

                                             (Top is Natural Bottom is Light)

I had to repurchase the extreme felt eyeliner as it was one of the best products iv actually tried and at £2 before the discount it was a real bargain! I do have to admit that iv actually found that this felt  desent give much colour then the one i purchased first. It seems to be much lighter and isn't so black.

I'm not sure if anyone else has found this out or if its just a faulty liner but at £2(I paid £1) im not grumbling.

It stays on all day long and dosent smudge. Its really great for those nights out where you cant really be bothered with touch ups.
You can make both thick and thin lines with this liner as the tip is pretty thin. Its great for a really nice cat flick.

Iv only just become pretty addicted to lipstick as im more of a lip gloss girl but i have to so im totally in love with MUA lipstick!
They don't really have many lipstick shades that actually suit me but right now my favorites are these 3 which i just had to repurchase.

These lipsticks give such amazing colour payout and its really creamy so it glides on a treat. The bottom of the lipstick unscrews to reveal a little pot of product. I noticed this when the lipsticks first come out as i was one of the first in the world to use them but you had to pull the pot from the bottom and sometimes it wasnt so easy to get it off. Iv been a fan of MUA before they even launched and had a chance to test the products out before they went on sale.

These are always nice with the same colour or clear lip gloss on top if you want a more glossy look to your lips.

Left is Juicy, Middle is Nectar, Right is Bare

                                       Left is Juicy, Middle is Bare, Right is Nectar

                                      Top is Juicy, Middle is Bare, bottom is Nectar

The Candy Pink out there plumping lip gloss has to be one of my favorite lip glosses from the MUA range. I also have the one in nude and it really goes well over the top with the lip stick in Bare.
Candy Pink is a really cure Barbie pink shade and as im a huge fan of pink this has to be one of my favorites!
It tastes great too! Althought i find this a bit of a problem as i tend to keep licking it off which is such a bad habbit! Tut Tut to me.

It has a sweetish smell but not overpowering which is great.

I just cant believe how great the quality of this gloss is for just £2 before the discount. Bargain!

I also got the new Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss. I don't really have much to say about this gloss as i have only wore it once but the smell is gorgeous and it cure makes your lips shine!
The smell is really sweet but isn't too over powering.

This gloss is supposed to make your lips have a plumped up feeling but i haven't noticed this when i used it but i can say it makes your lips feel tingly.

I decided to go with a cream blush this time as i have never tried on before and i think that maybe i have been converted!
The shade i bought was Dolly.
When i saw the blusher on the MUA website i thought it would be pretty bright but once you apply it its a pretty warm bright coral shade which adds a really cute glow to my cheeks.

Its really pigmented and you can build up the intensity bu adding layers upon layers.

So thats my 50% off MUA Review. It all came to £11 which is fantastic for what i bought and im so pleased with it all.

So my question is....Do you have any MUA makeup? If so what do you think of it? What products do you have and would you recommend anything?

Take Care xoxo


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