5 Things That Im Obsessed With

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Come Dine With Me
This obsession started when I first left home to live with my fiancé. I wanted to find some new recipies and as I was scrolling through hundreds of sites I saw an advert for the TV programme and thought I'd give it a go. Admittedly I thought the first few I watched were boring but then I suddenly found myself craving to watch the programme. I then started to write down some recipies from the show and even started voting myself from what people said and tried guessing who would win. Most times I was right.

I'm seriously too addicted to pizza! Yes I know its very unhealthy and I seem to win the battle of my craving for it most of the time but sometimes I just fall off the bandwagon and boom! Find myself with a few slices! I do admit now and again I find myself with a whole pizza to myself. Yes I'm greedy! But I love it!

Baby clothes
Everywhere I go I'm constantly on the look out for new clothes to buy my daughter. She has too many already but once I have my mind set on buying her something then Ill get it no matter how many clothes she has! I'm on the search for the most cutest full dungarees at the moment. All I can find are plain ones but I want full out girly girl jazzed up ones.

Adult colouring books
No not the type with naked people in! Very beautifully drawn colouring pages with small detail. Ever since I received one for my Christmas gift I have been well and truly addicted to them. I'm now the proud owner of 6 of these beautifully illustrated wonders. When iv had a stressful day I just crack open my felt tips and books and colour away! Calms me right down.

Flavoured Tea
It all started a few years back when I ordered a sample of Lavender tea from a well known brand. I was kind of worried to try it out because I had a feeling it would automatically make me vom but my goodness was I wrong! Straight away I got such an urge to have more and more and when I went to actually buy some I grabbed a few other different flavours and I ended up getting very addicted to them. My most favourites are Lavender, Peppermint and also strawberry flavour tea mmmmmmmmm delicious!

What 5 things are you addict to?


  1. Ha your line about naked people for the colouring book made me laugh! I'd never considered some people might think it means that! I love colouring too. I find it so relaxing. x

  2. I have a prop addiction, I love crockery, napkins etc and being a food blogger I can't stop buying props.

  3. I was expecting you to say cosmetics haha

    1. It was a huge tie up between all those and Makeup haha! I should have really done my 10 most favorite =


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