Review: Personalized Books

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Iv always been a huge fan of giving personalized gifts. Gifts that people can relate to and keep as a keepsake for years to come and enjoy over and over again.
I See Me have some of the most beautiful personalized gifts for children. Ranging from stickers to music there's a gift for every child.

Iv recently been sent a beautiful personalized book from for my 16 month old daughter. She truly loves to sit there with a whole bunch of books and as she can't read just yet she points at the pictures and you can quietly hear her muttering which I can only put down to her trying to make up stories for herself.
Bed time consists of cuddles and story reading too so reading is a huge part of her life.  Being able to relate to the book in the way of seeing her picture in the book and mummy reading her name out is an added bonus.

Seeing her picture in the book always puts a smile on her face.
The I See Me books are fully customizable from the details of the Child to signs and names throughout the book. I was able to add names of family members and friends which she can recognize as I say them.
The books are very colorful and well illustrated which helps hold the child's attention.

The only let down with these books is that I coudnt find any board type books which can't be ripped but these pages do feel much thicker then a normal paper style book.

She really seems to enjoy reading this book and has now made it as her bedtime reading book. Already we have read it a handful of times and she shows no sign of getting board of it anytime soon. I would say this is a huge success gift for her! Iv gaind a few mummy points!

With Valentines day and also Easter coming up these would make great gifts in replacement to chocolate. 

Would you rather gift a persoanlized gift or just any gift?


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