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Its been a month now since i gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and although i have near enough forgotten all the pain i was in i will never forget just how much the MamaTens machine helped me out when i needed it the most.

 Being a first time mummy i had no idea just how much pain child birth would bring. Now im not trying to scare you mummys-to-be but its true.... Of course borning a baby the size of a melon out of something smaller then the size of a lemon is going to be pretty damn painful.

Although i thought i would have all the pain relief i could get my hands on i actually got through the whole labour with just gas and air and my trusty Tens. I would certainly recommend this to everyone!
It does not take away the whole pain but it makes the pain manageable and i loved that i was in control of how much relief i was actually getting. The boost button worked so well during the contractions as it gave a continuous birst of relief.

I have to admit i was really sceptic at first. Id heard so many bad reviews about Tens machine's not doing as they should and helping with the pain but im so glad i bypassed that and offered to test out the MamaTens as i did.

The machine is so easy to use with 3 different settings. I actually only used the first setting which i bumped up to near enough level 30 until i was told to get in to the birthing pool and obviously then i had to take the machine off as electrical items and water don't mix.

The kit consists of:
- 4-Weeks Rental Period
-Extra 2-Weeks free, If Required
-3 Preset Programmes
-Easy To Use Button Control
-Boost And Ramp Facilities
-New Batteries
-New Pads
-Pre-Paid Return Packaging

So what are you waiting for? If you would like Natural, Safe, Easy to use, None side effect pain relief then feel free to click here and it will take you to the MamaTens page where you can purchase this pack.

Good luck with your pregnancy and i hope you have a smooth labour.

Stay Beautiful xx


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