My First 24h With Our Baby Girl

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 Our baby girl is finally here!
 After 9 months of getting everything ready, Stressing about the day she arrives and counting the days till her due date... She arrives 1 day before.

Finally having her there in my arms looking up at me, I couldn't believe the instant love i felt for her. The instant bond i felt. Feeling that i had to keep her safe 24/7.
As i already knew, Motherhood would be no walk in the park. A rollercoaster of emotions and being a first time mother i was thrown into the deep end. Worried id get something wrong but i was totally shocked how natural it came to me.
It all got so real so quick. After delivery we had an hour skin to skin time although it only felt like a few moments. Those moments were the most precious. A time for baby to start bonding with me. For her to start feeling safe.

It cant be nice being born into a world of unknown. I cant imagine what it would feel like even thought everyone has gone through it.
Opening your eyes for the first time to strangers. Different sounds and then to detect the sound of your mummy and daddy... the sounds that you heard all the way through must be the most reassuring sound ever.
I will never forget the first time she looked at me. Stared even. Crying her little eyes out then once i said hello to her... Complete silence. Motionless. Just staring right into my eyes. I cant help but wonder what she was thinking. What was going on in her mind? No one will ever know.

Spent another 6 hours in the hospital and was on a drip for one hour as i fainted. Im guessing the whole sudden rush of energy and warmth got to me. I cant believe in a few seconds of passing out there was 8 nurses/doctors around me. How scary!

So anyway after lots of feeds... Poopy nappies and crying it was finally time to go home and then BOOM it hit me. Im finally in this on my own. No doctors... No midwives... Just me, My fiancé and our little baby princess. I spent the rest of the day having skin to skin time and staring at the little miracle we had made.

They always say the first 24 hours are the worst and i admit they really are. Having to deal with a brand new addition to the family when your used to just getting on with your own thing is the hardest thing iv ever had to do. Knowing that our little girl looks to us to provide her with a loving home, Safe environment, Love, Care, Food, Sleep and everything else she needs is really scary. Then comes the night. Sleepless! Petrified from listening to the horror stories. Watching her as she sleeps so no harm comes to her. Every little noise i jump up to see if shes ok.

I didnt sleep at all. Come morning i was on my last legs and was propped up in bed with my head near enough hanging over the side just about to fall out when little miss wakes up. 6AM!! Woah. The only time iv seen 6AM was when i went on holiday or i was doing an early shift at work.

Id finally got through the first night of motherhood =D

So thats pretty much it. The first 24 hours with our little girl.
Im so happy to be a mummy. Its such a rewarding thing. Being a parent has changed me for good.


  1. Oh my heart just melted, you both look adorable and I am a tad envious as my time with my twins was pre blogging and well just so long ago. I get baby pangs. I would have hundreds if I could have hahaha. Enjoy every little moment, even the tough times teach you lots and they are gone really quickly, I know people tell you this, but they do disappear fast and memories do fade a little. Keep adding all the stuff here, for your own memories and for others to see too. xxx Congratulations, she is a beauty.

  2. Huge Congratulations, I hope you enjoy motherhood, she is a beauty.


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