My Daughters Keepsake Box

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Im a sucker for keeping every single little piece of my daughters life. Little pieces of memories that will stay with me for life.

Iv now decided to get a memory box that i can store our memories in which i can then pass on to my little girl when she is old enough to understand what they are.

This beautiful colorful keepsake box was purchased from Asda and contains 3 small boxes labeled 'My First Tooth' ' My First Curl' and ' My Name Tag'.

Iv also included an extremely cute ladybird outfit which was the very first outfit she wore straight after she was born.

The lead and blue strip was from when she was 2 weeks old. She had to stay in hospital overnight due to a very traumatic time for her, Me and my partner when she stopped breathing and went blue which was then fount out to be down to her bad reflux.  My mummy instincts kicked in and i blew on her face to start her breathing again. This was what my parents did to my brother after he refused to breath after a needle.

The little white item was from her first ever hearing test which she passed with flying colors! and as you would have already know... The blue clip was her umbilical cord clip.

So as you can see i have stored them very neatly in this extreme cute box which she will be able to treasure forever.

What things have you kept from you children's birth and childhood so far?


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