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We all know how important it is to have a nice cosy towel after a good long soak in the bath and our children are no different. They too like to be wrapped up in a soft and cosy towel.

Introducing Cuddlebug from! An award winning company who have grown in time to produce some of the best towels for babies and children.

The towels are made with natural bamboo fibre and pure cotton are soft and silky to touch. This makes it 60% more absorbent then pure cotton. The two layers help to keep your child warm after bathing. These come in a variety of stunning colours and designs.

When my daughter saw the towel she immediately put it on her head and started whizzing around the living room pretending to fly so not only is it used for bath time it also doubles up as a very stylish cape!

We just couldn't resist going straight up stairs to try it out. It has a little popper at the top which helps keep the towel stay on and its big enough to wrap fully around her. I was really impressed at the speed it dried her.

These retail at £34.99 which at first i thought it was a little steep for a towel but thinking of the quality of the material its made from rolled in with the design and absorbency then i could most certainly see why the towels cost so much. The towel has been washed a handful of times and it still feels super soft and fluffy just like the first time we used it so this should last for a fair few years.

I really wished they had these in an adult size because id most certainly love to get myself one.

Not only do cuddledry sell cuddlebug towels but they also sell a whole range of different things such as bath products and toys.

Head on over to to check them out.

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  1. They look great! I'd definitely wear one as an adult :P

    1. I think i may ask them if they would be willing to start making adult sizes for us =D

  2. These are super cute and very luxurious aren't they, really lovely for keeping baby warm and dry.

    1. They sure are. My daughter really loves hers.


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