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Last week we were generously sent this beautiful pram liner from Little Warblers. I instantly fell in love with the design and was so excited for it to arrive! I chose the Tranquil Rose liner but they also do sell a range of liners which will suit individual taste.

These pram liners are universal and will fit any 5 point safety harness. If you're unsure weather they will fit your pram then be sure to contact Little Warblers via their online contact form or their Facebook Fanpage. They have very speedy replies and will be more then happy to assist you.

The liners are fully reversible with a stunning design on one side and a plain colour on the other. This helps if you're out and about and your child gets the one side of the liner dirty or wet. You can easily flip the liner. They're very easy to insert in to the pram and takes less then 5 minutes. Each liner also comes with pads which are for the straps.These help keep the strap from cutting into your child's neck and arms.

The liner also has side wings which adds comfort for the child's head and it has an absorbent liner sewn into it to help protect the pram from spills and toilet training accidents. 

Overall im very pleased with this liner and so is my daughter. It retails at £24.99 which is a fantastic price as you can tell the quality difference compared to a more cheaper liner. Its thick, Warm, 100% cotton, Simple and easy to insert, Breathable, machine washable and comfortable for your little angel. 

 I wouldn't change a thing about the liner or the straps but i would have liked to so see or maybe like to see in the future a matching bumper bar and possibly a matching footmuff.

 Go check out They also do other various products such as trolley liners, Changing table mat covers, Play mats, cot liners, privacy covers and Car seat protectors.

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  1. That's really sweet and looks well made. I wish my little man would stay in his pushchair long enough to warrant buying something like this

    Cat x

  2. Looks gorgeous, definitely checking this out for my niece

  3. Oh wow, this is a good idea. We had to buy a cheap buggy, these could totally change the look of a plain pram.


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