Review: Nonabox... The Amazing Monthly Subscription Box Service!

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Nonabox is an amazing monthly subscription box service. You receive this box every month throughout your pregnancy up until your baby is 2 years old. Each box is tailored to your stage in pregnancy or the age of the child and gender. 
It costs just £25 per month(Including P&P) but the box certainly totals more!

Me and Sophie were thrilled when the box arrived and couldn't wait to open it! The box was so eye catching. A beautiful purple top with a silver/Grey box and white writing. The colours contrast so well and the box is reusable.

I found out that the blogger boxes are not actually tailored to the person reviewing them and are just a taster of what is in the standard boxes which people receive. None of the less i was thrilled with the products id gotten.

(Above: Ella's Kitchen - Carrot, Peas + Pears)

(Above: Shea Mooti - Mama's Everything Body Balm)

(Above: Green People - Toothpaste)

(Above: MAM - Feeding Spoons)

(Above: Paper Shaker - Postcard)

(Above: Ella's Kitchen - Blueberry + Pear Baby Brekkie)

As my little girl is only 8 weeks old she could only use a few products in the box. One of these were the Snooze Baby comfort toy which she adores. She loves to cuddle up to it while shes settling to sleep and refuses to settle without it. Its definitely become a great part of her bedtime. 

The tags provide her with different textures to touch. This helps her fine motor skills develop.

All in all im really impressed with the box and i cant wait until i get next months box. Hopefully there is more for Sophie to use at her age.

Have you ever had Nonabox? what are your thoughts?

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