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Being a member of a few blogger forums i had heard of so many monthly box subscription companies. Although i had never purchased any i loved to read the reviews and get to know what others thought about the products before purchasing them myself.
I had never actually heard of Box Upon A Time and was thrilled to review one of their monthly boxes containing children's clothes. 

What Is Box Upon A Time?
Box Upon A Time is a monthly subscription or can be a one off box for children 0-3 years which is tailored to your own specific taste. You receive a selection of clothing for a monthly amount of £29, £49 or £69 depending on which box you choose. They guarantee that each box has a value or up to £170 of clothes which means you have up to a 60% discount!

You can suspend your subscription at any time without a fee and if you are not 100% satisfied with your box then they exchange it for a new one free of charge.

I started off by filling in personal profile. Although my little girl hasn't been born yet i had to enter a date of birth which i added her due date to. Ideally they should have had a choice to add a due date for customers who were buying for babies who were soon to be born or for events such as baby showers. 

I found filling out the profile stress free and easy to do. The only worry i had was that you had to choose at least 2 sections which was hard to choose as i wanted them top know my exact choices.

After waiting just over 2 months to receive the box i emailed the company enquiring where the box was. They said it was sent and assumed that the box had gone missing in the post and sent out another. I was then informed that the box may take up to 3 weeks to get to me. Open minded i eagerly waited for the box to be delivered.

The second box had taken just over 1 month to arrive. Admittedly i was getting rather annoyed that the boxes were taking so long to arrive but still kept an open mind. 

Upon receiving the box i was really excited to see what i had gotten but to my horror i was not really keen on the clothes in the box. I had previously received an email from the stylists about the date of birth and had told them that Sophie was not yet born and that i would like 0/3 and 3/6 month clothes.

I received 2 3/6 months and a 6/12 months. I took advantage of their returns policy and they sent me out the stamps to send the box back for a brand new one. 

I had posted the box back on 17th June and emailed them yet again on 1st July asking if they had sent my replacement box. They had then contacted me back on 7th July confirming that they had received my replacement selection and was going to box it up and send it out on 8th July. 

Again i waited for my new box which took just over a week to arrive. I checked the date the box was originally sent on and it was 14 July which was not the date of 8th July i had been told. 

Upon opening the box i came across 3 garments. 1 of which i had a love hate relationship of. Another which i liked and a 3rd which i wasn't keen on at all. 

Keeping in mind that i had sent the previous box back for an exchange of ALL the garments i had received i had received the exact same Toffee Moon cardigan which i had in the box before. This was my love hate piece so i was not to fussed that it was in this box. It retailed at £28 and was sized 3/6

The next garment was a beautiful Flora Smock Top in pale pink, Size 0/3 which i automatically fell in love with. This was also from Toffee Moon retailing at £18. 

The third garment was an item which i was not keen on at all. A 50% wool 50% Cashmere knitted sleeveless cardigan retailing at £50. This was not to my taste and would never have been something i had chosen but as the other two items were ideal i wasn't bothering to send back the box for yet another exchange to have to then wait another month or so for another box to arrive. 

Are You Really Getting High Quality Designer Brands?
Well because i have never come across Toffee Moon or Ketiketa as a major brand then i could not tell you if these brands are reputable but i can say then these garments are of satisfactory quality. Although i did find a few stitching or loose thread problems on each which could have been avoided but nothing too serious.

The 3 garments would have cost £96 in total so the box costing £49 would have made a huge saving for me. 

Personally i think that Box Upon A Time is a great concept but has a few minor teething problems that should be addressed.

* Friendly Customer Service
*Speedy Replies
*Free Exchange Policy
*Free Cancellation Of Subscription
*Get more for what you originally paid

*Delivery Time
*No Due Date Choice
*You have to choose atleast 2 choices before progressing to the next choices on the profile page

Would you subscribe to something like this?

*PR Sample

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  1. I've never heard of a subscription box for clothes but I love the idea. The sleeveless cardigan is cute, perfect for an autumn baby.


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