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Not long ago i received a free sample of Le Volume De Chanel which i ordered from their facebook fanpage.Im not used to using mascaras with a high price tag but i thought because it was a sample id jump at the chance to try it out and my oh my im so glad i did!

Its totally turned into one of my most favorite mascaras alongside the Rimmel London Accelerator mascara.

It has a really glossy/Silky formula which i adore. Its so easy to apply and does not smudge. Really seems to thicken each and every lash root to tip. Its not liquidy which is another pro to this mascara. Its really thick and dries quite quick.

The only down side is it seems to clump just a little but not as much as most people seem to make out.

Surprisingly its also jet black which is proving hard to find recently. All the mascaras seem to be either off black or in every other colour but true jet black!

Would i ever buy it? Well its out of my price range at $30 so probably not but im sure if my budget does get higher in the future then this would most certainly be my go to mascara as im totally in love with it.

Have you ever tried this mascara? What do you think and would you repurchase it in the future?

Free Sample From Chanel Facebook

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