Freebie Frenzie: 01/03/14

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Here are this weeks super duper freebies!
Enjoy and please let me know if there is a certain type of freebie you would like to see in next weeks Freebie Frenzie post x

If you have any freebies which you think may be suitable for next weeks post then feel free to send the link to with the subject 'Freebie Frenzie' and you and your blog will be stated underneath any freebie that is posted that week!


In need of a new collar for your cat? Heres a freebie that will get them glowing in the dark!

Time to get rid of those scars? 
Got a hideous stench coming from your sink?
Free sample to stop smelly sinks

Want to try a new brand of dishwasher tablets?
Time to ween your little one onto solid foods?

Discalimer: None of the above companies are in any way, Shape or form related to myself or my blog. I was NOT compensated or told to post any of these freebies.
I am NOT responsible for sending any samples out unless stated below the sample link. Therefore i take no blame for any samples which are not delivered to yourselves. 


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