16 Weeks (4 Months) Pregnant Today!

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Hey my lovelies.

So today is a milestone in my pregnancy! Im now 4 months pregnant!
It doesn't seem a couple of days since i found out i was pregnant which was at 1 months&3 days going from my dates. Seems to have flew by.

So what's been going on?..... 
Well i had another check up with the midwife just the other day which was all fine. She just asked me a few questions and i asked her a few. The student midwife took my blood pressure manually which iv never actually had done (Only had it done by the BP machine) and that was it.  My next appointment will be my 20 Week scan which is on 25th March 2014. At this scan i will be finding out the sex of my little baby! Im ever so excited.

Im a pretty impatient person so you can just imagine how annoying it is to have to wait for this!.

We have gotten a few more things for baby such as a Moses basket, Bottles, Dummies, A Little Rattle, Bedding, Bumper Sets and alot. We pretty much only need to get a cot and a few bits and bobs now which is fantastic. Now we dont need to worry when it comes to 8 months and we have nothing.

I can feel baby move/kick now which is really exciting. Just very lightly but i get those little 'Flutters' every pregnant mother goes on about and then a little popping sensation which they say is when baby kicks. Only one or two that i can actually feel per day. Pretty low down below the navel but none of the less its a very distinctive feeling now and it makes me stop whatever im doing just to appreciate the feeling and take the time to bond with baby during this time.

I try my hardest to have atleast 1/2 hour bonding sessions with baby where i will just sit or lie there with my hands on my tummy singing or talking to baby. It will help baby recognise my voice after birth.
My pregnancy app says baby can hear my now which is amazing and sometimes when i talk to them they kick of move just like their trying to say 'Yes im here, Im listening'

So that's pretty much all that's going on right now.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.


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